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12 Bonus Offers You Get When You Join

If your application is approved you will get all of these benefits and more, scroll down to read all 12 of these amazing offers included.

Rental Bonus Offer #1

Smart Locks + Installation ($500 Value)

Add value to your home with a brand new smart lock. Control access from anywhere in the world! No more lost keys.

Rental Bonus Offer #3

Full Home Deep Clean ($300)

Get your entire house professionally cleaned so it's looking fresh and ready to rent.

Rental Bonus Offer #5

Welcome Sign ($200 Value)

Get the guests the information they need without them having to ask. Add a spark of hospitality to your home with a custom make, framed 16x20 in welcome sign so share WiFi, Parking, and more.

Rental Bonus Offer #7

How to Videos

After you sign up, you'll gain access to our video course where we walk you step-by-step through how to get your home ready for Grateful Hosting to rent. Take all the guesswork our of the process and get simple easy to follow guidance. 

Rental Bonus Offer #9

Rental Estimate Consultation ($199 Value)

If you get approved, Isaiah will personally meet with you to do a deep dive analysis on your property and what we think it could earn with Grateful Hosting. This is not our standard rental estimate, for you we will take data from multiple different industry leading databases as well as directly from Airbnb and our own personal experience to blend together an unbeatable estimate of what your home could earn. 

Rental Bonus Offer #11

Licensing and Taxes ($750 Value)

We will also do the licensing paperwork for you. Don’t worry about figuring out the legal work or compliance with the state, city, or county - we will do it all for you. To save you time, we will also figure out the tax rate and submit the monthly taxes for your. That’s a $750 Value.

Rental Bonus Offer #2

Professional Photo ($200 Value)

Our Super Hosts are local to Minnesota and can get you the best information when it comes to your Minnesota cabin or lake home. This means in-person walk throughs and hands on support.

Rental Bonus Offer #4

Advertising Copy From a Marketing Pro ($350)

The description for your home matters to guests, so we offer you the services of a professional marketing copywriter to boost the bookings of your vacation home.

Rental Bonus Offer #6

Software ($300 Value Per Month!)

Get lifetime access to the rental software Grateful Hosting uses. Apply now to get it for the entire length of your rental with us.

Rental Bonus Offer #8

Rental Item Checklist 

Unsure if your home has everything it needs to rent out and receive 5-Star reviews? Get Grateful Hosting's checklist to make sure you have every item you need, from pots and pans to bed sheets, we got you covered. 

Rental Bonus Offer #10

40 Hour Set Up ($2,000 Value)

You'll also have 40 hours worth of work done for you to get your vacation rental set up and ready to book out. 40 hours is the average amount of time it takes to onboard a new property on Airbnb with all the photos, copywriting, cleaning, licensing, and lock installation. You're saving yourself a full work week of time with Grateful Hosting and that’s a value of about $2,000.

Rental Bonus Offer #12

Airbnb Account ($720 Value)

Last but certainly not least if you qualify for this offer you will have the option to have your own brand new Airbnb account that you can take with you if you ever decide to leave. You will also have the option join our SuperHost rated account. That’s a $720 value right there.

Total Value $5,519

Our Amazing Offer $0-$997

Current hosts might qualify to pay $0 start up costs. If you are new to Airbnb, and you're accepted, then you will get the chance to hire Grateful Hosting for only $997.00 and get $5,519 worth of total value. Start making profits with Grateful Hosting right away. Don't worry, most of our clients make this money back their very first month!

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Chip M

Chip M

“I can't believe the incredible results I've had since partnering with GratefulHosting. They accurately assessed the earning potential of my vacation home, which was previously sitting empty and unused. Now, I feel like a successful real estate investor, thanks to their expertise.”

Becky and Ryan P

Becky and Ryan P

“It’s so easy to list your short-term rental with GratefulHosting! They take care of everything including communicating with guests, contactless check-ins, and after-stay cleaning and maintenance. All you have to do is sit back and collect your rental profits.”

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A seasoned property manager with a wealth of experience in starting and running various Airbnb properties across the country, his passion lies in helping his clients create family-owned investment properties that can generate long-term wealth.

With a dedicated team of hosts, cleaners, maintenance personnel, lawn care experts, and more, Isaiah ensures that his clients avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes that he encountered when he first started. By providing comprehensive data and insights, Isaiah helps his clients optimize their properties to maximize returns.

​With his proven success in building generational wealth through rental ventures, Isaiah is committed to sharing his expertise and guiding others towards financial prosperity.

Isaiah Nolan, Super Host

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