Property Management Systems Make Your Life Easier Unless You Choose Wrong!

Thursday, February 01, 2024

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Property Management Systems Make Your Life Easier Unless You Choose Wrong!

For hosts seeking seamless management of their listings on both Airbnb and Vrbo simultaneously, third-party Property Management Systems (PMS) like HostAway or Guesty come to the forefront. These integrations streamline operations, but the divergence in integration experiences between Airbnb and Vrbo becomes evident.

Integration Effort:

Airbnb emerges as the clear winner when it comes to integration simplicity. The process is straightforward, taking mere minutes to set up and get your listings synchronized seamlessly. In contrast, Vrbo presents a more intricate integration journey, often requiring days or even weeks to ensure a correct setup.

Additional Information from User:
First, hosts must import the HostAway Calendar to Vrbo and then export the Vrbo calendar back to HostAway, creating a circular and potentially confusing process. Subsequently, Vrbo necessitates hosts to submit an application, accompanied by signing a consent form agreeing to additional fees. This additional layer of bureaucracy adds complexity to the setup.

Payment Processing Integration:

Airbnb sets the standard with its seamless integration with PMS systems, offering a user-friendly approach. The platform effortlessly handles payment processing, sparing hosts from creating additional accounts or navigating third-party payment processes. This convenient service comes at no extra charge.

In the case of Vrbo, the integration requires hosts to create a Stripe account or another third-party payment processor, introducing complexity and potential delays in the setup process. Stripe, while facilitating integration, imposes a 3% payment processing fee. Adding to the complexity, when using HostAway in conjunction with Vrbo, hosts face an additional 1% fee from HostAway. In essence, connecting Vrbo to HostAway means hosts will be paying an extra 3% to Stripe and an extra 1% to HostAway for payment processing. In contrast, Airbnb maintains a straightforward payment process, consistent whether integrated into a PMS like HostAway or operating independently, without incurring these additional charges.

Property Management Systems Make Your Life Easier Unless You Choose Wrong!

Tax Remittance:

A significant shift in Vrbo's policy is notable – the platform no longer facilitates tax remittance on behalf of hosts. Hosts using Vrbo with a PMS now bear the responsibility of identifying applicable taxes, configuring rules within the PMS (such as HostAway), and subsequently managing tax payments to state and local governments. This added layer of administrative work complicates the process for hosts.

Ease of Management and Extra Fees:

For hosts juggling multiple properties, automation, financial reporting, and the need to provide access to owners and guests, Airbnb stands out as the clear winner. HostAway simplifies the management of Airbnb listings, ensuring a seamless experience without the burden of extra fees or additional tax-related tasks.

Vrbo, on the other hand, introduces complexities and challenges when integrated with PMS systems. The potential for higher fees, additional tax work, and the absence of streamlined tax remittance create hurdles for hosts seeking efficiency in managing their vacation rentals.

​​In the realm of PMS systems, Airbnb emerges as the clear champion, offering hosts a hassle-free and streamlined experience. Vrbo, while a strong contender in the vacation rental market, falls short in comparison when it comes to integrating with third-party management systems. The choice between the two platforms hinges on the host's preference for efficiency, simplicity, and a seamless management experience.

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